Hi I’m Elizabeth and for a number of years I lived in a flat on my own. However I started getting upset and anxious. I was getting abuse and harassment from my neighbour. I never wanted to go outside of my flat and I became very upset and lonely.

I tried discussing this with several of my health professionals, the Local Authority and also the Housing Association, but no one wanted to help. Everyone, including my family were worried for me and realised I needed to move.

I saw a flat where I could live with greater independence had become available where ubu provide specialised enabling support. The area was quieter and I would have support from ubu’s enablers if anything happened – it sounded perfect.

It wasn’t an easy process but ubu helped me make a successful application to present to the Health, Housing and care professionals. They all agreed with me that moving home was the right choice for me.

When I moved into my new home with my ubu support, I finally felt safe. It’s been so great and I feel much more relaxed. Now I am so active – it’s been good and I have even reduced the amount of support I need.  Of course it’s daunting at times but I see that as a good thing as my life wasn’t enjoyable before and I needed a fresh start.

I have been in my new home for over a year now and I am so much happier. My health has improved and my anxieties have decreased. My family are relieved I have moved and can see the difference in me.  I am more outgoing I am making friends where I now live – life is great.

I always enjoy coming home now!