My name is Andrew and I have my own flat in Harrogate. I moved here straight from my mum’s home.  I love my mum. And she loves me. But there came a time where she felt it was really important that I move to gain more independence and have the opportunities to choose what I wanted for my own life … good mums are like that!

However, it didn’t sink in with me at first. I was very shy and didn’t want to talk to anyone except my mum. I never went to see anyone else and spent all my time in my flat, preferring to be on my own. My ubu enablers would come round to help and I would answer their questions, but very rarely would I approach them, it felt so different to me. My mum and the enabling team became very worried that I wasn’t settling in as well as hoped and that I was becoming very depressed. 

Then one day I had an appointment to see my Community Nurse, with my mum and ubu manager … it was so boring, it went on and on…. halfway through the meeting I fell asleep on my ubu manager’s shoulder. After about ten minutes, they gently woke me up, and something clicked! I looked up and said “please take me home.” I’ve not stopped talking to my Enabling team since! Good friends are like that.

It’s been over a year now since I left home, and I’ve not looked back. What seemed like such a scary thought to begin with has turned out being something simply wonderful! With ubu’s support and encouragement, I have a job, a very active and full social life with friends both across the ubu supports and in the community.  My next step is to learn to budget and pay my own bills. 

I now make all my own decisions about my life, where I’m going and what I want to happen. I know live the independent life my parents dreamt for me, a simple wish they made … but one that came true, safely, thanks to ubu!