My name is Wayne and I have recently moved into my new apartment in Leigh.I realised that this apartment would be more suitable for me and I could be more independent living in a ground floor apartment.Excellent Move!!

I really like my new apartment and have gradually made it my home.  I have a garden and have enjoyed planting my own trees and plants in pots outside my patio. I have also been given a bird table that I have made new by mending and painting, and can now enjoy feeding the birds.

My new enabling team are very helpful and understanding, and have been a great help! They support me in taking positive steps with my health and diet, eating ‘proper food’ which I really enjoy. They have become my friends as well as my enablers, and have nicknames for some of them.  It’s all in fun and I enjoy the banter with everyone.

This place is excellent. I am 100% happy here. I call it   "Home, Sweet Home."
I am looking forward to planning all the things I would like to do in the future.

All My Love