My name is Tracy. I’m a person that other people used to find ‘difficult’ to be around. They’d say I had “behavioural issues”. I was assessed, I got help from psychologists and social workers, but I wasn’t happy. For a while I was re-housed in a Blackpool hotel. It was awful. I felt alone and unsafe.

Fortunately, a room became ready for me to move into on a temporary basis in a lovely house. It was a communal house where people are enabled to live with more independence by ubu. When I first arrived I felt at home almost immediately. I felt safe and supported. It was a good feel relaxed and comfortable after a long time of feeling anxious and upset.

The ubu team and the other people who live in the house made me feel very welcome. Together we made my room homely and how I wanted it even though I knew I was just staying there temporarily. It really helped to build my confidence up and I began to feel a bit more comfortable being with the other people who lived in the house.

In the past I have been seen by everyone as a person who only likes her own company. Perhaps that was true, but as I spent more time in the new house, getting to know people and becoming used to a different style of living I was becoming happier and more open.

I started to spend more of my time being around my new-found friends and taking part in the day-to-day social events that happen in a home you share with other people. I started to make my own new routines and I was getting on with my life in a way that felt much easier than before. I felt calmer and more relaxed, people noticed that I had started to smile more!

Eventually it was agreed that I could live here permanently. All the social workers and psychologists who had been watching my progress and especially the ubu enabling team who supported me every day, could see how much happier I had become. My mum was particularly pleased because where I live now is much closer to her house and she can come and visit me more often now. I really enjoy that and look forward to her coming over.  

I like living in this house and I love going into the big garden at the back. I have redecorated my room and made it pretty and pink, I think that it its gorgeous. I’m building up the confidence to plan my activities each week so that I have lots to do. I’m getting to know the neighbours and people say hello to me when I’m out and about. That’s a big change for me, I’m part of the community now, I’m not alone any more