Hi. I’m Terry.

I spent a large part of my life first in long stay hospitals.  I was there since my teens, moving on to a group support when I was 38 years of age.  Living there, the ubu staff helped me learn skills to become much more independent than I was.  I was able to carry out tasks for myself, such as making my own meals, drinks, household cleaning tasks, personal hygiene tasks, etc.  I was able to access the community by myself and I was treated as an individual, rather than one of a group, and I felt that my own personality was recognised and appreciated -- even if it is a cheeky one!

Eventually, I felt ready to move on and live more independently in my own flat and ubu staff helped me to do this. I moved into a new house where I didn’t have staff 24/7. I got a job gardening to start, but ideally I would have liked to work in the music industry, as I collect and listen to loads of CDs. I loved spending time on my own in my flat and life was pretty good.

A few years later, things changed and my enablers started to notice that I was becoming increasingly forgetful.  I didn’t want to go to work, I was forgetting what time of day it was, and I began getting up at silly o’clock. Some tests were carried out and I found I had dementia. Living on my own wasn’t really a good idea now as I needed extra support.  So I moved to a new home. ubu put things in place not only to help me with my health needs, but still supporting  my love of music. I continue to enjoy looking through my CDs and playing them, whatever time day or night!

This year, changes have been taking place. Even though I was very poorly last December, I have come through this with the support of the staff.  There was further talk of me moving to a flat again, living independently with support for dementia. We discussed it together, and because the team know me so well and have a good understanding of my health needs, we decided that there wasn’t going to be a problem for me to move. And so I did in April. 

Here I am again enjoying my own space in my own flat, doing what I want to do, when I want to do it!