Hi, everyone. My name is Samantha.

When I first moved into my new flat, I wasn’t very independent. I was scared to stay in the house by myself in case anyone came to the door.  I couldn’t go out or cross the road on my own either as I became quite anxious. But I wanted to. I just needed help to build my confidence.

I decided I would first try to go round to all the local shops unaccompanied. With support from my enablers and staff at ubu, I learned road safety skills which helped my anxiety about traffic. I also learned about bus routes to help me go further distances, and got a mobile phone loaded with important numbers to use whenever I need help. These things gave me the confidence to get out and about the shops on my own, when I like. I don’t have to wait for someone to accompany me.

The skills I learned from my enablers have had a greater effect on me than just being able to pop out to the shops. Instead of being anxious, I enjoy the peace and quiet of being on my own. I now take the bus to college with friends, where I just completed my first course. In September, I am going for an EL3 Diploma in Skills for Working Life. In the meantime, my enablers are helping me look for a job, and continue to support my growing independence.

I’m looking forward to this and to new challenges. Watch this space!