Hi, I’m Joshua. I have lived in the same place for five years but in that time I have seen many changes. The biggest of these has happened in the last two years when ubu became my support provider.

I have been wearing padded arm splints since I was a child, which helped to ensure I’m safe from any physical hazards when I’m finding it difficult to control my emotions. As the years passed I was becoming more reliant on the splints, only taking them off for very brief periods of time. Unfortunately this prevented me from being independent and stopped me from taking part in the activities I enjoyed.

When ubu began supporting me, I was initially nervous as it was a big change; however it didn’t take long to see how friendly my new enablers were and to recognise how helpful they’ve been in building my confidence. I have been encouraged to start new activities and have found more things that I want to get involved in. They have also been working with me to address and find ways for me to take control of the most difficult thing in my life; my splints! I’ve spent longer periods of time not wearing them and this has built up the strength in my arms.

It’s an on-going journey but I’m proud to tell everyone that I feel more in control of my emotions than ever. Because of this I have been able to do so much more including practicing my boxing skills; my favourite sport, propelling my wheelchair with greater ease and organising my own review.

Looking to the future I hope through hard work and commitment I will rely on my splints less and less, gain full control of my life and achieve even more independence.