Hi I’m Emma.

My life has transformed in the past couple of years and looking back I cannot believe that it’s the same person!

I lived at home with my parents and very rarely got out of bed. This resulted in me having painful bed sores. I didn’t often want to go out and all my food and medication was liquidised. I was fed up with that life and wanted a different one. It was a choice I had to make. I had to take control.   

I was introduced to ubu and told them about what I wanted; friends to go out with, to enjoy ‘proper food’ and to go travelling.  ubu listened to me and offered me the choice to have my own home. I was so excited. This was the first step to independence and the new me.

I started questioning the things that had become the norm. Like “Why was everything liquidised?”, “Why didn’t I get out of bed?”, Why did I needed two people to help me move around?” No one really knew the answers to any of my questions. I have to admit I was overweight but I didn’t do any exercise so I guess that’s bound to happen. I knew to achieve the independence I wanted I would have to get up and get moving.

I started by getting up earlier and I found once I was up and moving I couldn’t stop! I found there were loads of local groups to go meet people but I chose a couple to take part and learn new skills. The ubu enablers helped me learn about the right food to eat to stay fit and healthy and I started cooking my own meals.

I am more active and fitter than ever before. My confidence has grown and I take pride in my appearance. I cannot wait to go and catch up with my friends and look forward to a good giggle! Now I know I can achieve what I set out to achieve I aim to go further. I am planning my first holiday which I cannot wait for and know this will be the first of many.