Darren K.

I’m Darren.

I had been living in hospitals for years. I then moved to my ubu support in Manchester, in 2013. So what’s so different? Well everything!

There were a few things that I wanted when I left hospital. Mainly, I wanted the freedom of making my own choices and not feel locked in anymore. With ubu, I have my own space, and I make decisions for myself. Instead of being told what I cannot do, my support team encourages me to try new things. If you ask me what I do now, I could reel off a list that could fill this page.

I now go to the shop by myself. I am an avid reader and will devour any books on my favourite subject, football. I have a massive collection of autobiographies by ex-footballers and managers, football shirts and basketball bibs. 

One of my favourite pastimes is to go to the gym or pool for a workout and then enjoy a sauna and relax in the steam room. This is my idea of freedom.

Cooking is something I really like and with the support of staff I prepare a variety of foods. When I first came here it was beans on toast for every meal. I can now cook chicken, rice, fish and a number of other dishes.  My kitchen is filled with amazing aromas and flavours.

Because I now shop for myself, I have learnt to plan my budget carefully. I’ve started saving each month with my big dream being to travel… having the freedom to travel, to go where I want to go, and to make the decisions that impact my life, is priceless.