Darren L.

I am a very inquisitive, outgoing, people person who loves to be involved with everything that goes on where I live. I am also the kind of person who will never say no to trying new things, and will take on any new challenge with enthusiasm and a good dose of mischievousness.

Recently the ubu support team were undergoing some first aid training. Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity I decided that I would like to participate in the session. I listened intently during the spoken presentation, but all the while I was eagerly awaiting the moment I could get involved in the ‘hands on’ bit! After all, everyone knows the practical part is always the best part.

The instructor brought out a dummy and explained that we would each learn how to apply resuscitation techniques. Each person took their turn until finally I had to step up and show what I could do. I am happy to say I completed the task and the instructor even remarked on how well I had done. We went on to also learn about applying bandages, which I also managed to complete successfully.

At the end of the session I received a certificate to make official my newly learnt first aid abilities; this is the bit that made me most proud. I now have more awareness and will be able to help others should they ever need it.

Since the course I have become more involved in first aid matters around the house. I undertake weekly first aid checks and am supported to ensure that all of our supplies are in date and sufficient for our needs. If anything runs out I am now part of the team that goes to the pharmacy to replenish the stocks.

I am really enjoying these new tasks and love the feeling of responsibility I have in terms of the wellbeing of those around me.