I didn’t like going outside much. It made me uncomfortable and anxious. Even small changes or new things were stressful to me.  But it was hard to communicate my feelings properly. So when my family moved far away, I was very sad and stressed, life was difficult and no one seemed to hear me.

Then things changed, I met ubu and moved into a uStep service and began working with my enabling team. Thanks to ubu I have grown more comfortable and confident, and this has enabled me to communicate my feelings much better, now people hear me. I have gained a lot more independence, doing much more for myself now. I now have the skills and confidence to want to be outside more, I’ve grown to like been outside my home: I now shop, walk, and even go to visit my friends rather than wait for them to always come to me! 

All my hard work to overcome my anxieties has resulted in a dream, a trip to visit my brothers and sisters who moved far away. I am so happy, as my life is no longer limited by fear, I no longer feel like a prisoner trapped inside by my own mind.