Hi my name is Catherine. I have lived in social housing for a long time. I wasn’t happy, even my family and friends noticed.  I became very poorly and underweight and had to be admitted to Hospital. While in hospital I was fitted with a gastro tube, this gave me my food and medication.

I was desperate to get my independence back, I wanted to do things for myself! After I left hospital, I moved in to a flat supported and enabled by ubu. At first I needed the support of two enablers to help me get around. I was really weak.

My ubu enabling team helped me make some changes. I had a plan with goals to aim for. I knew I wanted to stop relying on the gastro tube so I started by drinking little sips of water. It didn’t take long to get used to it again and soon I was able to drink by mouth. This was a real confidence boost for me. I knew that this would be a long process. The ubu enabling team gave me all the support and encouragement I needed. I started eating small amounts of soft food. I really liked that, I was able to enjoy my meals again.

My appearance changed quickly, the dietician told me that I no longer needed to work on putting on weight. I could also feel myself getting stronger. I can get out of my wheelchair and even my bed with the support of just one enabler. I’m also walking short distances with a little bit of help.

The gastro tube is just for my medication now. My diet has been improving and although I still have to eat soft food, I really enjoy eating. I’m so much happier these days, with support from my family and the ubu team, I am planning on my next goal. I am planning to go on holiday later in the year which will be a huge step forward for me.