My name is Allan and I have been enabled by ubu to live in my own flat for almost 2 years. Unfortunately, my health took a down turn earlier this year and I had a stay in hospital for a while. I found myself feeling very low while I was there and I started to think that I didn’t want to back to my home.  When I thought about what was making me feel this way, I realised it was because my flat is on the 4th floor of the building I live in and I was feeling a bit isolated.

The other thing that I didn’t like about living up there was that I couldn’t see the comings and goings of the world from my flat. Because my health was not good, I also found living so many storeys up quite daunting, I worried what would happen if I had any problems with walking or if the lift broke down.  These worries didn’t help me to get better and  I started to loose interest in the things that I used to do because I became so focused on being unwell. I stopped working and I stopped going to the social groups I’ve joined and enjoyed being with in the past.

My ubu enabling team listened to what was worrying me and also to I wanted in the future. My family were supportive too. I realised that what I really wanted was to live in a way that works better for me and what I need. A few months ago, I got the news that I wanted to hear; I could move to a different flat, one that would better suit how I want to live. I was very happy that the people around me, giving me support and enabling me to have greater independence were able to find a way to help me to achieve my goal. I got very excited about the move and began to make plans.

It wasn’t long before my new flat was ready for me to move in. As soon as the decorator had left I was ready start to put my things in my new home. Although it took a couple of days to get everything in and where I wanted it, soon my flat was looking good.  Now I’m fully moved in, I feel so much more comfortable and better in myself. I can see everything that is going on outside and there are fewer stairs!

My health has improved because I feel more positive now. Moving into my new flat has given me more confidence. Even though I still worry a little bit about my health and my aches and pains I’m beginning to feel much more positive and happy. I’ve started to think about what I want to do next. I’d like to make some new friends and start working again. I’m going to begin by doing some volunteering locally. Next up is to plan a house-warming party for my family and friends so that I can show them how much happier I am now I’ve moved.