I love art and crafts and with help from ubu enablers I found lots of local art venues that were advertised in local papers and on the internet. I visited all the places that had art classes near my home in Manchester to see which I liked best. They were all so different and it was difficult to choose. In the end I found a group called Venture Art. Venture Arts is a professional art studio which provides a bright and lively environment for people to produce quality artwork. It’s organised by a group of professional art graduates who work alongside adults with learning disabilities.

I went along to my first class and everyone was so friendly and I felt comfortable. I knew I would love coming along and I could learn new exciting skills! What I really like is that each week is different. There are all sorts of activities which I have tried such as painting, fabric crafts but it is pottery that really got me fired up. I find it really satisfying to work with and model a piece of clay.  Once I had made and finished my first piece of pottery I was excited to proudly display it my home so my friend and family could see it too.

I have to concentrate more than I ever have before as I realised I need to focus if I want to get my creations finished.

As a group we get together and decide what our next project will be. Each of our projects is centred around one of the members of the class and what materials they like to work with. In my case of course that’s pottery.  It’s such fun. We go out and about and find ideas for our projects by visiting lots of interesting places like sensory gardens, parks and museums.  

Over the past 12 weeks I have found lots of enjoyment making lots of clay creations. One piece was chosen to be displayed in as an exhibition in the foyer of the Lowry Centre which is a fantastic art museum in Manchester. Having a piece of my work displayed there, for all sorts of people to see has been one of my proudest moments. Just goes to show hard work really does pay off!

It has been amazing to have somewhere for my friends and families to go and see my art work displayed. There has been an even better benefit for me though. Not only do I have more friends but I have better concentration and have less epileptic seizures than I have ever had! I am happier, healthier and feel better as a result.  

I want to keep making more art work and try working with different materials. Since the Lowry exhibition my confidence has grown and I am aiming towards, with the enabling support from ubu, perhaps one day having my own exhibition in Manchester which will display all my work.

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