Working Backward to Move Forward

I used to lack confidence in myself. It kept me from doing the things on my own, for myself and for others, and I wanted to change that. But I didn’t know how to start. With the one-to-one support I receive from ubu, I feel my independence has come on in leaps and bounds.

We started with something familiar:  a walk to the local shop to buy milk for the house. But to do all the steps there and back independently was daunting. My enablers recognised this and showed me how to work through them using backward chaining. I would start at the end and learn the one step previous each day  - at my own pace  - until I had learned the entire series of steps slowly, safely, and steadily.

Imagine the feeling! For the first time, I was sure of myself and in control. I was buzzing when I got home. Those feelings of confidence and independence sparked something new in me. Soon, I was volunteering to go to the shop for my housemates on a daily basis. I really enjoyed the satisfaction of doing for myself, and for others.

Jump ahead to today and you will see a different me. I’m more responsible for day-to-day tasks in my home and am regularly out and about in town. This small first achievement, through the help of my enablers, has significantly improved my life. Whilst out on my walks, I chat with many of my neighbours, and I truly feel more a part of the community.

One of my housemates has seen the change, too. This has inspired him to start his own learning journey, to move toward more independence and a happier life. I’ve buddied up with my housemate, giving advice and guidance on how to stay safe whilst out of the house (which makes me really proud).

I feel a huge growth in confidence and a greater sense of purpose and responsibility.