Hello, my name’s John. For as long as I can remember, my mam has been dealing with all my financial affairs. Not long ago she and I got talking about how good it would be for me to take more charge of my money. My mam suggested that it would be good for me to have a bank account where I can get my own money out on a weekly basis.

We talked it over with the enabling team from ubu who support me to live with greater independence. It seemed like a really good idea because it’s a great step forward for me to become more independent and in charge of what happens in my life.

My mam helped me to organise setting up a Post Office bank account. We decided that I should arrange to have a specific amount of money transferred to my new account every week so that I always have the money I need to the things I want to do and buy my shopping.

Over a period of a few weeks I started practicing with my mam and with the enabling team from ubu, going to the local post office.  I took it step by step, learning what I needed to do when I need to withdraw some cash. I would tell the post office counter staff how much I would like to take out. I would then place my card into the machine making sure it was the correct way then waiting for the lady to tell me I can input my pin number. It’s a big responsibility but it’s something that I began to get more comfortable and confident about doing.

Once I had got into the routine of doing this for a few weeks with my mam, I asked the ubu enablers who work with me, to ‘shadow’ me when I go each week to the Post Office. At first I asked them to stand next to me when I was withdrawing my money, (but making sure that they looked away when I put my pin number in the machine), just in case I got confused or needed encouragement.  

When I had been going to the Post Office for a few weeks I started to feel more confident. I asked the ubu enablers who came with me to wait for me and observe.  Now I stand in the Post Office queue by myself and wait for my turn to be served. I’d then withdraw the money I needed out and make sure I put my money safely into my wallet before I leave the Post Office.

The next step is to go to the Post Office on my own. When I feel confident enough to go without support I will let my enabling team know. Making this change has made me feel ‘brilliant’, I’m keen to do more things for myself and find ways to take charge of life in the future.