Hello. My name is Joe and I moved into my new home in Middlesbrough on the 30th June.

It was time for me to become more independent… growing up, leaving school, and being ready to take the next steps in life. I’d visited other homes with my mum before, but as soon as I saw the supported living provided by ubu, mum and I knew this was the place for me. I immediately engaged with the staff and was happy to stay without my usual support from mum.

I’ve seen some very big changes in the past two months since I’ve left home and school. I’ve settled in now and am enjoying getting out and about with my enabling team, I also enjoy being involved with household chores. My house is big and spacious, which is perfect for me as I do run everywhere and am very active!

I get to see mum regularly and have my new friends at the house. So, although change can be scary, the support I get from ubu has shown me it can also be a good thing. I’m looking forward to my future and excited about what it holds.