Hi I’m Graham and I live in Darlington. I love traveling, especially by train. I find it so exciting, but I haven’t been on one for a while as it can also be very stressful for me. I really wanted to go on another train but was scared and anxious. With the help from the enabling staff at ubu we looked at what I could do while on the train to keep calm.  I could read a book or maybe take a puzzle book… In the end I decided I could wear my headphones and play my favourite songs.

When I woke up that morning, I was so excited that I rushed to get ready, but I made sure I had my headphones with me as I left my flat. When I arrived at the train station I saw there was a train about to leave so I went and watch the trains come and go from the bridge.

I hadn’t planned where I wanted to go, but the next train leaving was for Newcastle-not that far away! I went to the ticket desk and paid my fare and had some spare time to flick through the magazines about trains they had for sale in the café. I really liked this magazine as it was all about steam trains – my favourite!

I made my way to the platform and waited until my train arrived. It was a busy train, but I managed to get a seat near the door and put my headphones in just before the train left the platform. It was great!

When we got to Newcastle I wanted to have a look around the Science Museum “Centre for Life”. There were lots of things to see and do here, it was really interesting. Before I left I decided to have a coffee. The weather was so nice and it was hot so I decided to sit outside and listen to some music. There was lots of artwork that was outside the museum and I really liked a silver statue which was opposite where I sat.

I headed back to the station, but my train wasn’t due for another twenty minutes so I wanted to have a look around the station. I met a very friendly police officer and told him all about my adventure to Newcastle, he was really interested and asked lots of questions! Before I said “goodbye” I asked if we could take a picture together and the police officer said yes and offered me his hat! I shook his hand and thanked him before making my way to the train.

The train was a lot quieter on the way back, but I still put my headphones on. When I stepped off the train I was so proud of what I had overcome today! Walking through the station I saw some brochures about other train journeys but there was one that really caught my eye! The Lake District steam engine. Now I know I can manage my anxieties I am excited to go on longer train journeys and this is the next trip I am planning. I can’t wait!