When I retired from my therapeutic work position at Nature’s World I initially thought “brilliant….I can do more relaxing in my spare time”. But being an active person it wasn’t long before I became bored and suddenly ready for a new challenge.

I spoke to ubu about my interests and through this it was discovered that I am very passionate about Health and Safety. I have always been good at recognising hazards or spotting when things are damaged or broken. I also have a great deal of admiration for the fire service and love looking at fire engines whenever they drive by.

With this in mind I was supported to enquire about possible voluntary work for the Fire Brigade. I spoke to the local crew who were really friendly, very informative and said they would be glad of my help!

I have since completed the necessary fire safety training induction and will be receiving my own safety uniform and badge over the next few weeks; this is something I am especially excited about.

My role with the Fire Brigade is to letter drop in areas that have had a fire, support the Brigade at open days, help out with school and college presentations and keep the Fire Station office clean and hazard free.

Given my lifelong enthusiasm for safety, this is the perfect job for me!!! I am proud to represent the essential and life-saving work done by the Brigade!