Horse riding was something Emma used to really enjoy in the past. So recently, when she was offered the chance to take it up again she said a very confident yes! Alongside ubu she researched and found a suitable riding centre in Middlesbrough which specifically caters for people with learning disabilities.

So she was supported to go along for her first session and to everyone’s surprise she was able to get straight back on the horse and pick up pretty much where she last left off!

Emma gets on really well with her trainer Sarah-Jane and quickly made friends with the 4 other people in her riding group. Through all of this Emma’s passion has been fully rekindled and she now attends every Tuesday morning and loves it. She passed her riding grade 1 in December last year and is just getting better and better.

She knows all the commands to get the horse to walk and trot and will say them when it’s her turn. She is also getting very good and steering the horse and is getting better with her left and right when riding.

Emma has gained a lot of independence from horse riding and her boost in confidence is evident from the fact that she likes to get all from ubu to come and watch her show off her skills. She can now attend, saddle up and ride without the need for any support or assurance.

This is a fantastic step in Emma’s life and horse riding has once again become a treasured activity; something that makes her very happy indeed!