Hi I’m Emma and my big news is that I recently moved house. I decided it was time to downsize as the place I had been living in was very large and just felt too big for one person.

I was supported to choose my new place, and after only a short time looking I found the ideal spot at the beginning of December. The only worrying part was that I was to be moving only 2 weeks later! How would I do it?

I agreed on a date of 20th December and organised a removal van before beginning the mammoth task of packing all my things.

The next days flew by and before I knew it my moving day had arrived. I found it difficult because I have always struggled with change and so it was all a bit unnerving. But ubu were on hand. They supported me all through the morning, and suggested that I went out for lunch and then to the cinema so that I could take my mind off the stress of it all for a few hours.

When I got back I found that everyone had pitched in and worked really hard to finish moving the rest of my things. They had even set up my living room so that I could sit down, relax and have a coffee. This meant I felt at ease with the change of lifestyle I was now facing.

Since the move I have really settled into my new surroundings. I love my new place and am so happy that I made this choice. All those around me agree that this was definitely the right choice for me, and that feels great.