I sadly became quite ill in October last year - So much so that I had to stay in hospital for over two months. This was a difficult time for me but was made easier by visits from people that are close to me. My family (Raymond, Pat, Maureen and Norman) came very often and I was also very happy to be visited by the team from ubu. They brought me sweets and chocolate (my favourite) and played dominoes with me. At Christmas they even came into hospital to bring me all my presents.

This cheered me up no end and really helped me to feel better. I slowly began improving and eventually was allowed to come home. I feel so much better now and ready to enjoy my life again. I plan to rejoin my domino group and in July hope to restart my therapeutic work, doing gardening.

With my new zest for life I have even booked my first ever holiday; to York in June, which I am really looking forward to.

I am so happy to be back on my feet again and so grateful to have had all the support I did whilst in hospital. Knowing that so many people care about you will always make you feel so much better.