My name is Andrew and I love art and love to create unique pieces. I have had exhibitions and sold some of my paintings over the last few years including making paintings at home and going to classes held at a local arts centre to improve my skills and work alongside other artists.

This has given me lots of encouragement and with the support of my ubu enablers I have become more involved and engaged in the visual arts. By being able to take part in a variety of workshops and exhibitions, I’ve enjoyed becoming part of and accepted by, a community of artists.

Recently an annual Art Exhibition was held at my local community art centre and some of my paintings and artwork were put on show. And I sold one!  The best part of doing something like this is that other people tell me how much they enjoy the art work and paintings I do. I like them to be really bright and colourful, and other people like that too. It’s very satisfying.

At home, I’ve put up a few of my paintings on the walls around my flat where I live, enabled by ubu, with greater independence. It‘s helped to make my flat feel more homely and personal to me. But what I’d really like is to have an exhibition of my own or for a local gallery to show my art to lots of other people. I’d also like to sell more of my art. I really enjoy painting and it makes me happy when people comment on it and tell me how much they like my work.