With the right support, most people with learning disabilities can be helped to live independent lives

ubu specialise in creating detailed programmes to support the people we serve in this area of disability, so that they can live as normally as possible.

Reduced intellectual ability manifests itself in a difficulty to perform and cope with everyday activities. These are generally things that we all take for granted such as simple household tasks, managing our money and socialising with others.

ubu typically help and support people across the spectrum of the disability. Those with mild symptoms can be helped to identify their skill sets, learn new skills and find a job like normal people do. Severe sufferers may need more intensive care and support with every aspect of their life. Often sufferers can have Down’s syndrome, autism and mental health problems too.

Whatever the severity of the condition, ubu start by analysing the individual’s needs and challenges.  No two programmes are ever the same; ubu’s excellent care pathways are delivered in a person-centric way for the best outcome possible. This means that an individual has the chance to live safely and independently in their own community.