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World Nature Conservation Day

25th July 2014

Our natural environment is really important in giving us a support system for everything we do.  It started long before we did but thanks to man’s activities the fine balance that ensures air, water, plants and animals give us a healthy environment are at risk.

World Nature Conservation Day was set up by the United Nations and with the support of most of the world’s major government to help protect it and make everyone think of what we can best do to safeguard it for future generations.

July 29th is when we should all think about the impact we are making on our environment from the home we live in, how we get rid of our waste, the community we live in, to the wider world and how our small footstep could be polluting that.

ubu encourages everyone to take responsibility for their immediate environment by protecting and caring for their homes and doing the bit to recycle.

Many of the people we serve love to garden, grow their own food and we enable many to work in horticultural companies where the can learn the skills to do this.  But could we all be doing more?

Our latest uStep supports to open will feature heat source pumps to provide energy for the people we serve using far fewer natural resources and it’s also eco efficient by switching off when not needed.  The added bonus is it cuts costs dramatically for the people we serve. However, are we all recycling as much as we could and being as careful about using resources, something to think about! 


One of the most important conservation organisations is The National Trust.  One of its founders was Beatrix Potter who wrote the books featuring Peter Rabbit and his friends.

Rather than being like Peter Rabbit and eating all the farmer’s carrots when his back is turned, try on World Conservation Day to be like the farmer and spend some time outdoors enjoying the good weather. 

Have you got space to grow any plants, if not, maybe you could add a houseplant to your lounge or kitchen, or maybe you could grow some plants or herbs in a window box.  As well as brightening up the place, herbs make any meal a bit more delicious.

Enjoy your natural world with your friends and family, if you appreciate it, you will want to protect it for future generations and live up to the spirit of World Conservation Day. 


Nature can play a big part in helping people with disabilities and those with illnesses to feel more positive about themselves and to interact with other people.

We all feel better when the sun is shining and we are able to get out and about and experiences with nature can provide mental health benefits for so many people.

ubu’s two newest uStep supports are by the seaside on the north west coast where one of the people we serve there told us she was looking forward to going to a local beauty spot to walk her friend’s dog. 

Not only was she looking forward to walking the dog she wanted to be able to get out and about to improve her own sense of well being.  It’s just one example of how the world of nature can help us improve our lives and health. 

World Nature Conservation Day

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