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Vulnerable adults campaign for better care and support

19th February 2015

VULNERABLE adults who have enjoyed a massive improvement in living standards will this week canvass the Chief Nursing Officer begging her to end the misery for thousands of others still kept in long term institutions.


The people ubu serve will lobby Jane Cummings when she visits one of the company’s North Yorkshire settings asking her to fast track the closure of such hospitals and institutions where many vulnerable adults are still kept.


More than 15 people that ubu serve will produce evidence to Ms Cummings that the current Clinical Commissioning Groups commissioning process only serves to keep vulnerable adults in the wrong kind of care.


In the aftermath of the Winterbourne View scandal,  they will demand the 2,500 people who still live in those long term institutions be given the  chance of independent living and the opportunity to live in the heart of their local communities.


They will be joined by the company’s Chief Executive, Dorothy Jarvis Lee, who has spent 30 years campaigning to change the way that mentally ill people are treated and supported in communities.


“Many of the people ubu now support for had been written off by society and left on the scrap heap by clinicians who saw no choice other than to sedate and heavily medicate them,” said Mrs Jarvis Lee.


“Over 30 years ubu has invested time and resources to develop long term solutions to institutional care that improve lives and are far more cost effective than hospitalisation.  The average cost of keeping one person in such a place for a week is £3,000, and commonly many people are costing upwards of £6,000 per week.


“We were inspired to hear that the Government set a June 2014 deadline to close all such places and move patients to community care.  That deadline has been missed and more than 2,000 people are still incarcerated. 


“It strikes me that the CCG process is not working for the benefit of the people most in need, but rather the people that work in the system. 


“The people that ubu serve were horrified to discover that vulnerable adults continue to be kept in such places locked away from society, while they enjoy a better quality of life.  They were determined to speak to Jane Cummings themselves.”

Vulnerable adults campaign for better care and support Vulnerable adults campaign for better care and support

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