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ubu's 15th Day of Christmas Festivities

21st December 2015

We arrived at our 15th day of Christmas Festivities full of excitement and anticipation. Guests arrived from almost every region served by ubu to take part in a spectacular event organized by the elves and led by the people we serve and our lovely, illuminated panto Dame. It was brilliant to see friends from the East Midlands, York, Leeds and Manchester who had set off earlier in the day so that they could be sure to enjoy the festivities to the full.

The atmosphere in the Christmas room was sparkling with twinkling lights and traditional decorations. Our guests were greeted with party music, happy elves and funny panto characters. Our hungry visitors were served with scrumptious seasonal snacks followed by bowls of wonderfully wobbly jelly. There were spot prizes given for enthusiastic dancing and excellent singing and a few impromptu speeches were made.

A party game of consequences was soon underway in which some of the elves were asked to decide what they might do if they had to choose between doing something ‘naughty’ or something ‘nice’. “For example”, said the panto Dame, “You are given a box of Christmas chocolates, do your eat them all yourself? OR do you share them with your friends?” Our guests were asked to decide if the answers the elves gave were either naughty or nice. So when one rather greedy elf said ‘I’d eat them all” we all shouted “naughty!” Then when one very generous, goody-two shoes elf piped up. “I’d share them with all my friends” we applauded her and called out “nice!” It was a lot of fun and we all ended up laughing and joking with each other.

Soon it was time to watch a short film which showcased the spectacular events of the last 14 days of our Christmas Celebrations. We have had some really amazing regional parties, with discos, entertainments and delicious buffets and excellent festivities where we have been able to meet up and share the joy of the season in Harrogate.

We all agree that what has made these 15 days of celebrations so special has been the fantastic contribution made by the people we serve. They have led and inspired us all to have fun, to share seasonal goodwill and ensure that we feel the incredible happiness that comes from the simple pleasure of being together. Everyone in ubu wishes that you enjoy a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a Happy New Year.

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ubu's 15th Day of Christmas Festivities ubu's 15th Day of Christmas Festivities ubu's 15th Day of Christmas Festivities ubu's 15th Day of Christmas Festivities

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