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ubu harnessing new technologies

2nd April 2015

ubu has been a pioneer in recognising assistive technology innovations as key to providing the people we serve with a better quality of life. ubu’s approach is to ensure that enabling care is always personalised to the people we serve and is uniquely designed for each individual’s needs. Assistive technology innovations ensure that people can live independently with minimal intervention.

Derrick from Middlesbrough, lives independently with enabling support from ubu. He was recently rather poorly and spent some time in hospital. Derrick lost all of his confidence, especially whilst walking and moving about from one room to another. By working closely with his ubu enabling team and with help from occupational therapists, Derrick was able to build an innovative plan to incorporate assistive technologies into his life. Wearing a pendent which he can use as an alarm should he have a fall has been a simple but very effective measure to help him to regain confidence when he was ready to return home. A bed sensor has been installed which alerts ubu enablers if he is not back in bed after 15 minutes during the night. Derrick says that these simple devises have given him “a new lease on life”.

Fitness tracking devices have become almost ordinary for people who participate in sports such as running and cycling. Now this kind of technology is being used innovatively by ubu enablers to provide a better quality of service to the people we work with.

These devices are being used to track how the people ubu serves are responding to treatments or medications. Their features include the ability to monitor blood readings and check for any sudden or unexpected changes. The technology can be used to ensure that medication is being taken regularly, at the right time and in the appropriate way. It gives the people we serve and their loved ones peace of mind that medication is being taken as and when it should be and that if there are any irregularities they will be apparent and can be acted upon.

Assistive Technologies enable the people we work with to achieve greater independence and control in their lives. They help people to enjoy peace of mind, feeling safe and confident in the unique and responsive care and support ubu offers them. ubu’s innovative use of these new technologies is not only proving to be cost effective for the people we serve but this approach is beginning to have an impact elsewhere too.

ubu’s pioneering approaches to caring for vulnerable adults is providing inspiration to care practitioners and decision-makers across the health and social care system. As the demands on the health services increase with an ever aging population others will have to look to where ubu has led to create better services for all.

ubu harnessing new technologies ubu harnessing new technologies

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