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Treading the Boards

30th July 2013

For some people the thought of stepping up on stage, or in front of an audience to perform is the biggest thrill. For others it can be a nerve wracking experience. But for many people it is either one or both of these feelings combined that give them a great love for acting, singing, dancing or performing.

With the ever increasing amount of reality TV talent shows such as X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, there are more and more people ready to tread the boards and show exactly what they can do to the whole world.

Perhaps you have thought about stepping out and performing yourself but aren’t sure of what you need to do to get involved. Maybe you have a hidden talent you think the world needs to see. If so why not click through to the next level to find out what you can do to be able to play your part!


“I would like to tell you about my recent starring role in a production for the Tramshed Theatre Company entitled 'Magical Memories'. The show was so named because it was based upon a collection of songs and scenes from the production company’s back catalogue over the last 5 years.  

With my usual enthusiasm and vigour I took an active role in the production which was performed at a local Theatre to a packed out house.

I have played a part in all productions over the last 5 years and found myself amazed at how the time has passed so quickly. I also recognised that in that time my confidence on stage without any support has thrived and I can comfortably perform in front of 200 people; a major accomplishment for anybody!

In the lead up to the production of 'Magical Memories', as per usual, I was hard at rehearsing with other cast members.  I enjoyed trying on all my old costumes that I had used in previous shows, happily knowing that they would once again be used for this nostalgic performance.

I had many supporting roles in the various scenes, but for this show was also given a special lead role. This was incorporated into a song by Coldplay in which I had to raise my arms up and down in time to the music. 

As I played my part with maximum flare I showed no apprehension and felt like a true star!  The attending audience gave me a resounding applause; the best reward for any performer. I also received a DVD of the show; another one to add to my growing collection of performances and a great memento.

Now that it is all over I cannot wait for the next one. I have made so many friends at the theatre company and have so much fun whilst there. Most importantly I feel a real sense of achievement from being involved and I am anticipating ‘treading the boards’ again with great excitement.”

So as you can see from Tina’s great story, treading the boards can be an amazing experience and something that creates new levels of passion and enthusiasm for creative ventures in general.

If you have any stage stories please email emmap@ubu.me.uk


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You’ve seen other people do it and you’ve said to yourself “that could be me up there!” But maybe you don’t know where to start! Here are some handy tips to get involved with a local production group, choir or amateur dramatics company.

  • Find a group near to where you live. This can be as easy as contacting a local theatre to find out which local groups perform there. Most local groups are always happy to accept new members, especially those in the nearby community.
  • Advertise yourself! Rather than just contacting the group(s) by telephone or email you could send them a picture of yourself, or a letter that states what your strengths are, what your favourite shows are, who your inspirations are etc.
  • Attend a local performance and speak to the performers/organisers afterwards to state your interest and find out what you would need to do to get involved

What happens next?

Some groups will want you to help out backstage before allowing you on the stage. Other groups will let you audition immediately and, if you’re what they’re looking for, give you a part. Whatever the group’s policy is, helping out backstage is always a good way to start. You get to know the people involved with the group and backstage crew are always needed.

However you start, you will eventually have to take part in an audition if you want to act!

You should also be aware that there may be some membership or subscription costs involved in joining any such group. Some just charge an annual subscription fee, others may also charge a performance fee. Make sure you know exactly how much something will cost before you commit yourself. Ask when contacting a group about their fees.

Whatever happens you will eventually be on that stage and loving every moment of it, including the butterflies!

For further inspiration why not click through to the next level and read all about ubu customer Tina who has been a part of a theatre group for some years now.

Treading the Boards

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