Katie's Diary

The Road to Independence

4th September 2013

One of the things that we all strive for is independence. Being independent means having the amount of choice and control in our lives that we want. It also gives us more freedom to do the things that are important to us/the things we enjoy.

For some of us, the journey to independence is a longer road than others. There are barriers that may stem from a disability, a medical condition or even a financial circumstance which mean that we need to put extra effort in to gain our independence.

Like any journey, the road is sometimes smooth and sometimes bumpy, but what keeps us going is the knowledge that with every obstacle we overcome, we feel better and happier; whether we have learned a new skill, forged a new relationship or done something we never thought ourselves capable of.

Dive down to the next level to read about Dane’s latest step on his journey.


Dane’s powerful story reminds us that if we really put our minds to something, it can be achieved. It is essential to keep on striving for more, even if we feel we may have already reached our potential.

The human spirit is capable of incredible things. You may have read stories about people who have summoned near super human strength to save the life of a loved one, or people that share a kind of psychic bond and can feel when the other person is in pain.

These happenings show that we can always surprise ourselves if we are willing to try. So if you are reading this and wondering about taking that next big step, then don’t hesitate for a second longer. You are more than capable of achieving your dreams, and there will always be support to help you along the way; whether that be family, friends or support teams.

As a species our thirst for freedom, knowledge and fulfilment means that we naturally crave independence, so if we focus on our goals we can break down any barriers that stand in our way.

If you have taken any amazing steps towards independence recently then please get in touch and share your stories; get involved by emailing emmap@ubu.me.uk

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“My journey with ubu started 5 years ago in one of the Harrogate supports. I had come to ubu following some emotional and financial difficulties. It’s safe to say I was not in a good place, but I knew that with the right support I could turn it all around.

It didn’t take long to realise ubu were the right choice. I could tell that they weren’t like others, who generalise people with disabilities. Instead they saw me for me! They treated me as an individual from the very start and it gave me the chance to develop my confidence and skills.

Before long I moved to a new support; one which suited my needs more appropriately and one I shared with people who I could communicate with easily. This meant I could make more friends and therefore boost my confidence even further.

I really enjoyed my time here but soon found I was making leaps and bounds thanks to the great support I received and my own determination. So I again decided to move to a new support that would offer me more independence, and chances to decrease my need for 1:1 hours.

This saw me move to Knaresborough and I have been here ever since. But over the last year I have made the biggest changes of all. I started a college course in Employment, began managing my own finances full time and saw my support hours decreasing ever more. It is these very things that have led to my most exciting news; it has been confirmed that I no longer require support. I am now looking towards total independence and have completely turned my life around.

It is my next goal to move into my very own place, get a job (hopefully in catering or retail) and begin living my life as I choose without the need for any support. I begin my level 2 college course in September and am so excited to learn more, develop more and become what I’ve always dreamed.

It is my wish for all people with learning disabilities to achieve what I have. Whilst I understand that some people may never be able to attain full independence, my advice would be to just keep working hard and never stop. You will definitely reach your full potential and you will feel fantastic!”

The Road to Independence

 I decide what matters to me. ubu help and teach me to make my future happen 

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