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Stand Up At Work!

27th April 2015

On Friday 24 April, ubu joined The British Heart Foundation & Get Britain Standing campaigners in a new initiative to get more people up and active for better heart health.

On Your Feet Britain 2015 was the first-ever national day when workers across the country were challenged to sit less and move more, all whilst having a bit of fun and raising awareness of heart disease. The On Your Feet Britain Challenge dared us to take James Brown at his word - to get up offa that thang and convert 'sitting time' to 'standing time'.

Inactivity at home and and the job is bad for our heart and our overall health, yet it’s easily avoidable. A sedentary lifestyle is estimated to increase the average person's risk of heart disease and other illnesses by as much as 40%. 

Despite the well-established physical and emotional benefits associated with regular participation in moderate physical activity, most people are not getting enough of this important and life-sustaining behavior. And for many people with disabilities who are demonstrably at much greater risk for developing health problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle, they are getting even less physical exercise because of the numerous barriers they face in becoming physically active. One very important way to avoid the hazards of unhealthy living is to obtain a regular dose of physical activity.

ubu is committed to improving the health of the people we serve and the staff who support them, and thought this could be just the opportunity to get more people motivated.

For the week leading up to the challenge, everyone was asked to make at least one simple change to their daily routine that would shift them off their seats. Examples were:

  • Standing during phone calls
  • Standing and taking a break from your computer or TV every 30 minutes
  • Using the stairs where possible
  • Have standing or walking meetings
  • Eating a healthy lunch away from the table, on your feet
  • Walking over to talk to a friend or colleague instead of phoning or emailing them

By Friday, these activities were combined with standing workstations and conga lines during break time. Teams also took turns walking during training, and seeing who could stand on one foot the longest.

Across the organisation, everyone learned how making small changes not only did our heart a world of good, but broke up the day's routine into short "spikes of joy."

Why not take on the challenge, too? It's easy and fun, and really makes a noticeable difference. Get the ball rolling and encourage your friends and family to take a stand with you. Team up with colleagues and see how much "sitting time" you can reduce in a day.

For more news on health, wellbeing, and ubu support, please check our webpage or follow us on Twitter #ubusupport

Stand Up At Work! Stand Up At Work!

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