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Smarter in our Resources

5th September 2014

DEVELOPMENTS in healthcare and the need to cut NHS budgets mean we have to be smarter in using our resources.

Silicon Valley has long been a hotbed of creativity and innovation, but has mainly focussed on entertainment looking to capitalise on people’s desire to communicate and follow films and music on the move.

Now the smarter cookies have realised the beneficial impact technology can have on health and social care and they are investing in diagnostic and monitoring products that will enable us to understand our own bodies better and adapt our actions to live healthier longer.

ubu has always been at the forefront of innovative care and ground breaking systems that enable the people we serve to lead more independent lives at the heart of their local communities.

We have already embraced some of the more widely available innovations such as alert systems so that the people we serve can keep in constant contact as they need.  The benefit is the people we serve in uStep have greater freedom and privacy but safety with security of knowing they are never far from their support, if needed. 

More interesting though is the Scandu that has been developed out of a tragic accident that left Sam De Brouwer’s son with a head injury that affected his brain functions.

Sam’s Scanadu is a sensory monitoring device which enables individuals and medics to monitor what is going on inside their heads and bodies via a series of electric circuits that are fed from the brain to a smartphone style app.

In this way medics and carers can be alerted to any changes that could mean people may suffer injury or have a blackout, enabling them to take preventative action.  The great thing is when normal brain activity patterns are registering the wearers can continue to live independently and like the people ubu serve, our uStep model of support enables people to work towards achieving more independence in their long term lifestyle goals.

Other technologies being developed are diagnostic which read body and brain changes and analyse them in conjunction with the genetic history of an individual to try and work out what kind of health risks people could face in a bid to encourage them to adjust their lifestyle.

ubu has always worked to deliver life changing improvements to the people they serve, that add value to the societies and communities in which they live.  That has demanded investment in people and systems which have benefitted everyone.

Technology demands investment but if some of the ideas we are seeing come to fruition, then that investment can only be a good thing, delivering a long term lifestyle improvement for people and an economic payback for society.

Smarter in our Resources

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