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Sarah’s Cooking and Baking Blog: Banana Chai Tea Cake

27th August 2015

Hello, I’m Sarah,

This week I have been thinking about desserts and treats and how to find recipes that are healthy and delicious at the same time!

When I fancy something sweet, I would normally choose chocolate fudge cake with ice cream if I’m out at a café or restaurant. But I’ve been trying to find alternatives to high sugar and fat-rich cakes. I know that it is better to choose to eat more healthily because one of the things that can happen if we become over-weight, especially when we eat a lot of sugary foods, is that we can get tooth decay or even worse, become diabetic.

Another thing that I’ve learnt is that when we don’t have a balanced and healthy diet it can affect our way of thinking. As the saying goes, “a heathy body is a heathy mind”. I’m choosing to have both!

The recipe I have chosen today is Banana Chai Tea cake. I decided to try out this particular cake recipe because it looks delicious and very appetising. Chai Tea is a lightly spiced, aromatic tea, widely available in supermarkets. Here is the list of everything you need and how to make this super easy cake which should be more than enough to share with 12 people.

You will need:

225g (8 oz) of plain flour

1 tablespoon of baking powder

½ teaspoon of salt

150g (5 oz) of caster sugar

110g (4 oz) of low-fat ‘light’ cream cheese

2 medium size eggs

170g (6 oz) of ripe bananas

4 tablespoons of brewed Chai tea

Here’s what you do:

Pre-heat your oven to 180C, or 160C if it’s a fan oven, or gas mark 4.

Make a cup of Chai tea and let it brew for a few minutes. Let the tea cool down until it’s warm, about room temperature.

Meanwhile, in a medium-sized bowl mix together the flour, baking powder and salt.

In another bowl, combine the sugar, cream cheese and eggs, stirring them together until the mixture looks and feels light and fluffy.

Mash the bananas and mix them, along with the cooled Chai tea into cream cheese mixture.

Add flour mixture a bit at a time and mix everything until it’s smooth.

Pour mixture into a loaf tin about 23x12cm (9x5 in) which you can line with grease-proof paper or lightly grease.

Bake your cake in the preheated oven for 60 minutes.

When it’s cooked, cool the cake while it’s still in the tin on wire rack for about 10 minutes. Then you can turn it out and it’s ready to share with your friends. Enjoy and keep healthy!

Why  don’t you give it a try and let me know how you get on by contactingstories@ubu.me.uk

Sarah’s Cooking and Baking Blog: Banana Chai Tea Cake

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