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Sarah Gordy – Inspiration Story

24th October 2014

CHANGING how people see disability is a major challenge for everyone but one young actress is doing more than many to alter perception.


While some disability actors struggle to get any role, Sarah Gordy has bagged herself a part as a non disabled character in a ground breaking Manchester stage performance.


And the talented TV actress hopes it will be the first of many.


“I am different and that is good,” she said of her role as Matilda in Crocodiles which has just finished a successful run at the Manchester Royal Exchange.


Supported by her mum, Jane who is also her personal assistant she went for the part after breaking ground as a young Downs woman in Call The Midwife, Sally Harper, who gets pregnant.


“Sarah isn’t professionally Downs,” said her mum, stating the obvious, but she has used it to her advantage and never let it hold her back from achieving anything.  “The director of Crocodiles treated her as any other actor and was tough on her to get the best out of her and the role demanded it.  It is what she wants.”


The role was a tough demanding one and she got no slack from the play’s director, Ng  Choon Ping. Sarah portrayed a sensitive, passionate woman in a harsh, dystopian vision of the north-east of England. An incredibly brilliant story but in her eyes and rightly so, she considers herself as “just a normal person who lives a normal life”.


To help her get into character Sarah always gives them smells and she made Matilda a mix of mint and jasmine because they could grow on a bomb site, just the kind of environment and situations  her character has to cope with.


And Sarah isn’t holding back on her professional ambitions.  Being used to film crews she is hoping to play Audrey the goatherd in Shakespeare’s As You Like It and a woman growing older on film.


ubu challenges all the people we serve to get out of their own comfort zone, but also to push the boundaries of how society see them.  Sarah is fighting prejudice in the best way she can by being what she can be rather than what others think she should be.


ubu encourages all the people we support to aspire to be what they could be rather than stay as they are.  By doing that they become what they can be rather than remain as they are.


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Sarah Gordy – Inspiration Story

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