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Remember Rocky - Never Give Up by Dorothy Jarvis-Lee

1st August 2014

As a young dog Rocky ruled the house, his owners loved him very much and took great pleasure in the life he created within the home. He was lively energetic and loved to go put for long walks in all weathers.

One day Rocky discovered that he was no longer the centre of attention, instead a newly born baby had joined the family and taken the star position within the home. Quite rightly his owners recognised the massive dangers of having a border collie in a domestic household with a newly born child. Encouraged by their family elders, friends and Rocky’s vet, the owners recognised there was no alternative Rocky had to go for the safety of the baby.

But go where! It was not at all easy to find a solution and after exhausting every avenue they knew of to find Rocky another home, the parents came to a dead end. All the dogs’ trusts and homes were full, none of their friends nor contacts could take him... they had no alternative but to have him put down.

Cornered by their plight the devastated owners made arrangements for the vet to take him away at the end of the week on the Saturday morning. Each day the dreadful news of Rocky's fate travelled to more and more people all stunned at the horrific fate facing Rocky. Each person searched their own networks disparately trying to find a new home for this 5 year old healthy dog. 

On the Friday afternoon the networks had been defeated, devastated their searches couldn't find Rocky a new home. Everyone flawed time had now run out, there was nowhere else to turn. At 18:10 the phone rang and was reluctantly answered. Questions were asked and distressingly answered by his owner. The caller ended the discussion by saying “bring him to me first thing tomorrow morning". 

The phone call ended and a massive cry went out one of absolute relief and joy at this last moment someone had offered Rocky a home. One which would not only save his life but one which would enable him to be the kind of dog he was born to be living on a farm. His loving owners were over the moon and Rocky had a fantastic future.

In fact, up until 9.30pm that night, calls were still coming in, more homes had been found all over for dear Rocky, people really are amazing and people really do care.

So when faced with what seems to be an impossible position let’s remember the prospects Rocky faced. Nothing could have been worse for him. Yet his life was turned around by the focused team work, drive and persistence of a band of folk determined not to give up hope until his dramatic situation was resolved.

The biggest thanks to Emma who has given Rocky a future and his owner’s peace of mind.

Remember Rocky - Never Give Up by Dorothy Jarvis-Lee

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