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Private sector must be at the heart of NHS care

13th March 2015


THIS week ubu has called on NHS trusts to break down their institutional barriers of suspicion and work with quality private sector organisations to deliver better care for people on tight budgets.


Dorothy Jarvis Lee said that some outdated prejudices within certain parts of the NHS had to go, and accepting that private providers have proved they operate as efficiently and efficiently as the public sector if not more so, was essential for real progress.


Mrs Jarvis Lee was speaking after Simon Steven, Chief Executive of NHS England, launched NHS Forward integrating GPs, hospitals, mental health and community care in 29 pilots around the UK to improve care and efficiency.


She warned that the new NHS programme could fall apart unless they cast aside their prejudices and partner with organisations such as ubu acknowledging they actually deliver better results for patients.


“ubu has been working with vulnerable adults for more than 30 years tackling some of the most complex cases of which the NHS had washed its hands.  Not only have we improved the lives of more than 500 people we serve but we have delivered a value premium for society by doing it at a fraction of the cost of the public sector.


“ubu has done that by innovative practice that is light-years ahead of many others, adopting therapies and programmes that are only now becoming acceptable to the mainstream.  For example, we were one of the first companies in the UK to utilise pet therapy; now dogs are commonly seen in care homes and hospitals.  Similarly, we have led independent living for the people we serve – again many others now aspire to that standard.


“ubu has been working closely with some NHS Trusts very successfully for the benefit of the people we serve for many years.  But that has not been a universal experience.  In some areas, ubu’s progress has being hampered by outdated beliefs that the private sector is expensive and for the privileged few. 


“It isn’t.  Not only is it not exclusive, but ubu is totally inclusive.  For too long the prevailing attitude has been to throw more money at the NHS and keep out innovation from the private sector.  That has to change.


“If care is going to improve within the limitations of NHS budgets, then some within the public sector have to accept that not only are hospitals not the best place for care, but often neither is the NHS.


“ubu has proven and continues to prove its leading-edge innovation significantly improves vulnerable people’s lives.”

Private sector must be at the heart of NHS care Private sector must be at the heart of NHS care Private sector must be at the heart of NHS care

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