Katie's Diary

National Friendship Month

19th September 2014

National Friendship Month is celebrated every September to promote friendship and what it means for people to have friends.

People celebrate friendship in different ways. It can be a simple get together like a coffee morning or friendship walk, or huge events like a mass concert. The one thing that ties them together is a guaranteed warm welcome.

Friends can brighten our lives, cheer us up when we're down, and are fun to spend time with. Unfortunately, sometimes our busy lives can get in the way of spending quality time with these very important people.

National Friendship Month is a perfect time to focus on getting in touch with old friends, telling close friends how much they mean to us, and making new friends.

ubu encourages us to make friends because we see the benefits of what having a friendship means and how it can help the wonderful people we serve in their bid for greater independence and a happy life. 

We believe that having friends not only helps us deal with the day to day things that life throws at us all, but friends also inspire us to be the best we can be. This means trying new things, achieving goals, and having the kind of life you dreamed for yourself.

Having people to speak to every day, being able to join in activities every day builds confidence and provides the opportunities to forge new friendships as we all go about our day to day business.

So how will you celebrate with your friends, why not drop us a line at stories@ubu.me.uk and share your thoughts and ideas, it may inspire someone else!  


In the last 30 years we’ve helped thousands of people build long lasting friendships following some very hard times that they’ve had to go through.

The video clips below highlight some of the people we serve and their incredible journeys in their search for independence. Since they became part of the ubu family they’ve gone on to become more confident, building friendships and being a part of their community.

Take the example of Sarah, from one of the videos below, she had a really dark period growing up and went through some hard times but since meeting ubu, her determination has shone through and her confidence has grown to the point where she mixed with other people and has a close circle of friends people she can rely on, people she can laugh and have fun with!. Her story is one of many that we’ve seen, take a look at some of them below

Video clips

Sarah’s story - http://www.ubu.me.uk/videos/

To make my future happen - http://www.ubu.me.uk/videos/ 

What matters to me - http://www.ubu.me.uk/videos/ 

I decide - http://www.ubu.me.uk/videos/ 

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Friendship is massively important in what we do as an organisation, helping vulnerable individuals to socialise with others and providing the perfect opportunity to communicate and become part of our communities.

We like to consider ourselves friends of the people we serve.  That is directly through our teams of enablers and supporters but also as an organisation, we’re here for you!

uStep helps you take the first unsure steps in meeting and introducing you to new people, enabling you to forge friendships, being there to offer advice and support as your friendships blossom.

Friendships gives us all a sense of belonging and purpose, it can boost our happiness, lower our stress as well as improve self-confidence and self-worth, which is important when it comes to supporting the people we serve.   That’s all part of being integrated in your local community.

With positive friends and support from people like ubu, you don't need to beg for help when you need it, because we will be there for you, that’s the beauty of friendships and the beauty of uStep.

National Friendship Month

 I decide what matters to me. ubu help and teach me to make my future happen 

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