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Looking for a real job

18th January 2016

My name is Oliver and I live near Leeds in West Yorkshire. For some time now I have been saying to everyone around me that I want a real job.  I was never sure of what sort of work I wanted to do exactly but the thought of stacking shelves in a supermarket got me excited and kind of gave me a buzz.

So I decided to go on a job hunt. Enablers from ubu listened to me and helped me to think about how I could do it, where to look and what I might want to try. They gave me the support I needed to make a start.  I knew that I didn’t want to go along with the traditional job hunting way of doing things by looking around Job Centres and filling in long and complicated forms. I knew that this would be boring and that I’d probably lose interest pretty quickly. So I decided to look for ideas by walking around  one of my favourite places, in the centre of Leeds, the famous market that has stalls that sell just about everything you could ever need.

Whilst making my way through the busy market we met Baz, one of the stall holders, who knows me very well.  I really like to look around his stall on a regular basis, actually every time I’m in Leeds as the things he sells are the things I love the most - music, headphones, mobiles  and other electrical and technical stuff. After I had introduced Baz to the ubu enabler who came with me, I asked if I him if could work on his stall.

Straight away Baz said “Yes! That would be fantastic!”

I was over the moon.

Baz, my new boss, said that now that I would be working for him, he wanted me there in the market ready to go for 8.30am on my first day to help set the stall out.

I said “OK, I’ll see you then”.

“No wandering off, Ollie. If you are going to work here I need you to be here all the time”

I said “No I won’t wander off Baz. I want to be here”.

Baz is a kind bloke but very firm about what he wants said “I will look after you Ollie”.

That made me feel great.

The first day of my new job was a Friday. I got up early, got dressed and ready and was in town by half past eight. I didn’t need anyone to remind me, I couldn’t wait! That seemed to shock people I know because they are used to seeing me struggle to get out of my bed in a morning and sometimes I sleep until ten.  But not this day, my first day in my new job, I was there even before my bus pass started.

One of my jobs is to display the mobile phone covers. I have to make sure that they are neat and tidy to attract the customers. I like doing that, it makes me feel good. I love talking to the people who are passing by, having a laugh, showing them the brilliant stuff we havefor sale on the stall.

Although I did ask Baz a few times “Can I go now?”, he reminded me  to keep on until the hour I had agreed to work was up. I’m so glad I stayed because it was a huge win for me. Baz said “Next time, why don’t you come for a bit longer and we’ll see how you get on”. I was made up.

I did it, I finished my first day at work, and I loved it. I am so happy. I am really stepping up to my future.


Looking for a real job Looking for a real job Looking for a real job Looking for a real job

 I decide what matters to me. ubu help and teach me to make my future happen 

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