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Life Through a Lens

3rd July 2013

Film and photography is a passion shared by many ubu customers, as it is by a huge amount of people throughout the world.

Having the power to capture an image or footage of a particular place is a very liberating and creative experience. Now more than ever it is possible to possess this capability; especially as the evolution of mobile phones means that many of us walk around with a powerful camera in our pockets/bags every day.

Because of the advent of digital cameras it has also become much more accessible for people to use cameras as much more than just a way to record memories. In the days of analogue film it was very expensive to take a large amount of images, and the pressure to get the photo just right meant that a lot of people only used their cameras for special occasions.

But now we can take as many pictures as we like, as often as we like, safe in the knowledge that should we not be happy with what we’ve done, we can delete it and try again straight away. This makes modern cameras very much a part of real time communication; an ideal that is very important to ubu and its customers.

So we are seeing more and more people getting involved, really getting to know their equipment and creating genuine art with their photography and film footage.

Dive down to read about Kieran’s photography journey.


David from Harrogate is a real tech wizard and has been passionate about video capture for many years now. Having recently had his first experience with editing footage he has found an even deeper love for his favourite subject:

“First and foremost I would like to tell you that I am obsessed with technology. I love researching not only which products are the best, but also how they all work and what it is that makes them so good.

In particular I love video cameras. It’s incredible how far home video cameras have come since the first Sony Handycams hit the market. It is now more affordable than ever to own a camera that will capture anything and everything in glorious HD.

I really love going out and about in the local area, capturing the scenery, the sights and the wonderful atmosphere that you find when out walking in an area of natural beauty. I have used my latest HD camera to record all my favourite places in different seasons so that I can show people how elements like snow and bright sunshine create really incredible effects on a place; it’s brilliant to be able to see that at the same time on screen.

Recently I took a trip to Knaresborough with some friends and of course took my camera along with me. I filmed all the most exciting parts in a way that I knew would look the most cinematic/artistic. After I got home I decided the footage was so good that it deserved to be properly edited into a short film.

With support from ubu I was able to access some editing software and have my footage cut together. I even had some music put on to give it a professional finish.

I’m so proud of the finished product, it has inspired me to go out and film more things. Seeing what works best in the final edit means when I go out next time I will know what to look for and my eye for directing has improved no end. I may not have won an Oscar yet, but I am following my passion and doing what I love, that’s what really counts.”

David and Kieran are just a couple of examples of ubu customers who have benefited from living life through a lens. So if you are interested in getting involved in photography or film then why wait? There is a whole world out there and you have your own unique way of seeing it, so why not pick up a camera and share your view of the world, with the world?

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Kieran from Leeds has recently found that photography can be more than just a hobby; it is in fact something that has given him a new lease on life. Here’s his story:

“I sometimes struggle with building up the motivation to go outside. This can mean that I end up at home a lot, even when I know it’s a nice day outside and that it would be nice to go for a walk.

Recently I spoke to ubu about this and through talking about what I enjoy, I decided it would be a great idea if I could get a camera, so that I had a specific reason for taking more trips out into the community.

It wasn’t long before I purchased one and that’s when the fun really started. I went out for a first few walks and found many things that I wanted to snap, as well as many places where I wanted to have my picture taken. This quickly developed into a passion. When I had my first pictures printed I realised how good the images I had taken were, and that I could go about making a scrapbook to document all my findings.

So now I find I am going out more and more. I want to see all kinds of new places so that I can capture them with my camera and then write a short piece of information whilst there, to put in my scrap book when I get home.

Now I have my new hobby I want to be more active, and I want to go to as many places as possible. I am motivated and inspired; two powerful feelings that will inevitably lead to a more fulfilling life!”

This incredible outcome shows the great benefits that a passion inducing activity like photography can provide. Kieran now has the power to create art and memories wherever he goes.

Next up we have a story about David, who uses his love of video camera technology to capture his many adventures and explorations.

Life Through a Lens

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