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Learning & Growing - ubu Inductions

6th May 2013

As the weather has improved (sort of) the ubu residential inductions have returned for 2013. This means that every other week throughout the Spring, Summer and Autumn months, a group of intrepid ubu staff members and facilitators will take a leap of faith, step out of their comfort zones and test their mettle in numerous ways.

They will join many other people who have successfully completed the induction course. Some have loved it, some have found it challenging and a few have decided it really wasn’t for them. But whatever the opinion, all agree that it is a wholly unique experience and one that is most definitely memorable.

Why not click through to the next page to watch some video blogs about the event and to read some of the feedback from the group who returned home just last week.


What did you think?

I arrived at Harrogate not knowing what to expect and what the whole experience was going to be, but as time went on and after a lot had been explained I realised that it wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated it to be. I enjoyed walking into the unknown and doing bits and pieces with total strangers, who by the time of leaving had become my friends and not strangers anymore.”

My pet fear is talking in front of a group of people and having them staring at me, but I feel I made a good start at conquering my fears.

I enjoyed the 3 away days. The people were great and very friendly. Mark and Karen were really motivating and provided quality sessions which were fun and exciting. I do, however, think that we could have made more of the outdoor space with more physical activities. There are many things that I will be taking from this training experience. I will be promoting FISH philosophy back at my service and will highlight areas of respect and disrespect where possible. Overall fun and enjoyable experience with little or no negative points – Thank you.

A fab training course with some fab people.”

It was a fun experience of social and personal development, a good chance to learn about different services around the country and the varied staff within them. It inspired me to try new things, to keep my focus and my enjoyment up at work; to remember to come in each day as new. It showed us just why we were drawn to the job and why our teams work or not: Awesome, when is the next one?

Starting at the hub, I was annoyed, to say the least with not knowing anything. But once I got chatting to everyone and doing the exercises, it wasn’t that bad. I found it beneficial to chat with others who work in the company since I’ve only been at ubu for 2 weeks and was nice to see people actually love what they do.

If I would change anything it would be the variety of food. It would have been nice to know beforehand and I would have made my own arrangements. As an expectant mum I’m very careful what I eat.

I was a bit apprehensive when first asked to go on the course, but was pleasantly surprised and found the whole experience worthwhile. As someone who is based at the hub I wasn’t sure of the relevance to my work as an administrator. However the three days gave me a much better insight into what the organisation does and particularly what goes on in the supports. I have a better understanding of what it means to be a support worker and I have great admiration for those who do that work.

Arriving at the hub in Harrogate, on the first day, meeting fellow colleagues was great, everyone was friendly. I was introduced to all the staff who work at the hub, it was good, as now, I can match names to faces who appear on the computer.

All round I will leave feeling encouraged and inspired by some of the people that I have met from my time here and they have given me an even bigger appreciation for the job that we do.

I find getting up and speaking in front of people hard, but I did it and it wasn’t that bad and I have learned that I need to chill out a little. The activities were well organised and presented well. We were taken out of our comfort zones but I guess that was the whole point."

"The people I have met have been great and made it a really enjoyable experience.

This type of event is essential to all staff members as it might strengthen our community in general and ubu in particular. By having this course we, as a team could build up a good team. It is important to know ubu’s mission and values to be able to fully engage in our work.

Respect, attitude, one team, thinking outside the box – all of these and more have been covered."

"I felt the days were worthwhile and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. It was very apparent that on arrival at the hub ubu has some fantastic staff who care deeply about the customers and getting positive outcomes and I have learnt a lot from them.

Learning & Growing - ubu Inductions

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