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In the spotlight: My weight loss success

27th May 2015

My name is Jacqueline and I live in Leeds. I have struggled with my weight for many years. My choice of food has nearly always been ‘unhealthy’. I didn’t like fruit, or enjoy eating vegetables. Instead I ate a lot of crisps and had chocolate as a snack. I also drank a lot of fizzy pop for many years.

I gained 3 stone in weight. I found myself struggling to walk further than the top of my street. My asthma became worse and I was finding it difficult to lay down comfortably to sleep. Washing myself properly was becoming a problem and I struggled to get dressed. These difficulties made me feel frustrated and anxious.

I developed ulcers on my legs due to diabetes and my medication had to be increased. Although I was scared about the state of my health, I was ignoring my doctors' advice. I talked to my ubu enabler about how worried I was becoming. She suggested that we go together to talk to my doctor and that she would support me and help me to share my concerns with my GP.  The doctor did some tests and talked to me about what she found.

The most serious thing was that my Body Mass Index (BMI) was measured at 49. She explained that this indicated that I was morbidly obese. My risk of heart attack, stroke, liver failure, brain dysfunction and other complications from diabetes were very high.

I was really upset when I got this news. My situation was worse than I expected. My ubu enabler and I went away with lots of information and advice about how to work on improving my health and well-being. When I got back home I sat with my enabler and we shared ideas on how I could work towards feeling healthier and to lose some weight. Together we talked about my favourite foods and how we could make menus which were more focused on healthy ingredients and cooking methods. We added some natural snacks and wholesome treats too.
We also made an activity plan together to help me get more exercise. I joined a local walking club and I enrolled with a healthy-eating cooking class. I began to meet new friends and to feel better in myself. I have now lost 8 and a ½ lb and continue to gradually lose weight each week.  My doctor has congratulated me on my progress and says she can see a real difference. My diabetes is under control again which is a great relief.

My ubu enablers have really supported me through this process. They ate what I ate and they exercised with me. Like me, the ubu enablers have lost weight and are feeling healthier too. But I'm the winner because I have lost the most and feel wonderful!

In the spotlight: My weight loss success In the spotlight: My weight loss success

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