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If Music be the Food of Love...

9th September 2013

It’s safe to say that everyone loves music. Though we all have different tastes and preferences, music is something that can unite us in celebration or even bring people together in love. Such is music’s power that hearing a certain song can trigger a memory in our minds, or even affect our emotion; if a sad song comes on we may get upset, or if an upbeat song is played we feel motivated and happy.

It is because of these great qualities that many of us choose to learn to play an instrument. It is an incredible feeling to be able to play our favourite songs ourselves, or even to write our own music. This is made possible through learning and practicing an instrument.

Of course we need help when it comes to being able to play. This is where specialist music teachers come in. Through their expertise and patience we are able to grasp the basics of playing, and through persistence we become better and better.

For many people, playing an instrument becomes a lifelong passion and opens up their musical tastes to be able to appreciate and enjoy all different styles. It really is a rewarding pursuit.

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So where do you start if you want to get involved in learning an instrument?

Well a good place to begin is to decide which instrument you really love. For some people the allure of a piano is the most appealing; getting to tinkle the ivories and learn all the technical things about composition, whereas others would love to simply make a load of noise by bashing out big beats on a drum kit!

It is also important to consider at this stage what is involved in making the instrument work. For example the Accordion takes a lot of arm power, or the Bagpipes require a large set of healthy lungs. You need to ensure that you are choosing something that will play to your strengths as well as your passions.

Then it is time to find a tutor. This is the easy part as there are a large number of peripatetic tutors in every area of the country. A quick search on the internet, in the phonebook or even in your local music shop will reveal a number of names of potential teachers.

Of course there will be a cost involved in the lessons, so it is important to find not only the person that is right for you, but also the best value for money.

You may even want to teach yourself using a self-learn book. If so you can find many such guides in your local bookshops or music stores.

Once your lessons are in place you will soon find that with a good deal of listening, learning and practice, your ability will improve and your passion will be ignited.

So here’s wishing you a wonderful musical journey. Play on!

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Here is Anne’s story:

“Music is such an important part of life. It always has been ever since I was a child. I have so many great memories that I associate with the songs I love most.

It is because of my love for music and the power of a good song that I decided to take up an instrument. After all, how much more powerful would it be if I was playing the music myself?

So with support from ubu I looked into the most suitable and fun instrument; deciding on a guitar. I then looked into getting a tutor and was supported to find a local teacher who would be the most beneficial to me.

I have been learning for 7 months now and am truly loving it. Being able to pick up and play different songs is a thrilling feeling and I’ve been playing for my friends and ubu staff in between lessons so that I am always well-rehearsed.

I hope to continue this good work and expand my repertoire. Plenty of people think Leeds rocks! Well thanks to me and my guitar that statement has never been more true!”

Then there is Michael from the East Midlands:

When he first moved into his own place, Michael was understandably nervous, but soon found that with support he was able to settle into his new surroundings and new lifestyle.

After a few months, and following a series of personalised review meetings, it was established that Michael had a deep love for music and playing the guitar. Knowing that he wanted to actively pursue this further Michael began to research local tutors with a view to booking some 1 to 1 lessons.

Michael soon found the ideal candidate; an experienced guitarist called Carl, who offers guitar lessons from his house which is only a few miles from where Michael lives and is easily commutable using public transport.

So it was all set and the first lesson was booked. The fantastic news is that it went brilliantly! Michael is now hooked for life. His love for his guitar has grown more than anyone could imagine and his confidence levels have risen dramatically. In fact he can now often be heard singing and jamming around the house.

The lessons are still continuing and are a regular feature in Michael’s busy lifestyle. The benefits have been huge, not only from a musical standpoint, but also because Michael’s skills in commuting and using public transport have grown substantially. That’s a result worth singing about!”

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If Music be the Food of Love...

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