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Homeless This Christmas by Dorothy Jarvis-Lee

21st December 2015

THE story of Christmas never fails to bring a smile to the faces of people around the world.  For those of any faith, or none, it is a time when we make more of an effort, smile at everyone we meet and wish them all the best.

It is difficult sometimes to match the reason we are celebrating with the fact there is so much glitter and excess.  It is all because of the unpromising start that one child had when he was born in a stable in Bethlehem to a young mother and her carpenter husband.

Unable to find shelter in a hotel they had thrown themselves at the mercy of a kindly inn keeper who had no spare rooms, but offered them shelter among his cattle.

For Mary and Joseph everything turned out well.  They were able to return to their home and provide their son a normal stable upbringing relatively free from worry.

Sadly, this Christmas many people will not enjoy that.  Increasingly, young people are more likely to become homeless than any other social group, sadly more are living on the streets than ever before.

There is no one reason why people have no home; it can be unemployment, addiction, health problems or simply an inability to cope.  Yet this year more young people are homeless causing them to worry and become depressed.

We are all told that ones’ childhood should be the happiest time of your life.  After all you have no cares, you don’t have to worry about the bills, or the mortgage or shopping.  But for too many children today they do worry about those things. 

This December yet again the people we serve have been building up to Christmas with their parties of celebrations to have fun, sing, dance and share food.  But they have never lost sight during their own celebrations that for many Christmas won’t be as happy as theirs.

Every day we have asked them to nominate one cause they believe is special to help.  They have wanted to support causes that give children in deprived circumstances a better chance than they might normally have.

It has been very humbling for us but also a validation of the support we have offered each person that they have become the people they can be and are making a real choice about the society they live in.

Enjoying safe and secure homes people appreciate how wonderful it is to have their own space that they can call home and understandably would like everyone to enjoy that same security.

This Christmas spare a thought for those less fortunate than yourself. Think of the children, think of the homeless…remember that at some point everyone needs someone to help them see a brighter way forwards…and that it’s called the season of good will for a very special reasons!

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Homeless This Christmas by Dorothy Jarvis-Lee

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