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19th June 2013

For many of us the word “exercise” is like nails on a chalkboard. It conjures images of running through the unpredictable English weather or gasping for air as we struggle to do that elusive 10th press-up!

It is also the case that a lot of us see exercise as something we talk about every New Year’s Eve, as we make our resolutions to lose some weight, eat healthier and tone up ready for the summer. We then find that we say the exact same thing the next year, and the year after that!

But exercise doesn’t have to be difficult. It doesn’t have to be about how many times we go to the gym or how far we can jog before we run out of steam. Exercise can be done every day and needn’t be something we have to stress about.

Do you make your bed? If so that’s exercise. How about making dinner, taking out the bin bags or gardening? That’s all exercise too. Experts say that to stay fit and healthy we need only do the equivalent of a 30 minute walk each day and make sure we eat a balanced diet. So with that in mind we can keep fit and even have fun at the same time.

Of course there are those who are willing to take their fitness to the next level. Dive in to read about it.


So what about healthy eating? There are many diet plans which claim to be the next big thing in weight loss, but the truth is that if we just work towards having a regular balanced diet we do not need to be concerned with the latest fads.

ubu customer Andrew has recently found that there are huge benefits in the making of and drinking fresh smoothies. He said “I decided I wanted to start to eat more healthily and asked ubu to support me with this. I wanted something that would give me more energy and that could be incorporated into my existing healthy balanced diet.”

Smoothies are made using a variety of your favourite fresh fruits, mixed with things like natural yoghurt, ice or natural fruit juice and blended together. They are very simple to make and provide a great healthy choice.

On the benefits smoothies provide, Andrew told us “Since I have started drinking smoothies twice a day I have much more energy and have noticed improvements both externally (my skin has much more colour) and internally (I feel great). Friends and family have commented and complimented me on how well I look. This makes me feel good about myself and has boosted my confidence and sense of well-being.”

The famous saying goes “you are what you eat” and in the case of healthy food it is definitely true. It has been proven that eating healthily improves energy and boosts your immune system. So why not create your own healthy eating plan and see what results you experience?

If you want to fill us in on your progress then send your stories to jamesp@ubu.me.uk or follow us on Twitter @ubusupport and get involved in the conversation.


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Fitness and Exercise - Dive

For some, fitness is more than a way to stay in shape, it is a lifestyle. That buzz they get after working out becomes addictive and in some cases this can inspire someone to turn their exercise into something very special indeed.

One such example is ubu customer Simon; a dedicated fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder whose dream is to turn professional. His journey to achieving this bold goal was recently given a boost when he came 3rd in the Mr Southport Bodybuilding Contest. Talking about the event he said “my music started and I took centre stage. I did my first pose, my muscles flexed and then BOOM! I locked in my pose, the definition was there and the whole crowd erupted. They were screaming and shouting for me and the roof nearly came off!  I heard them say “Simon” and I was taken aback. I said “what?...Is this a dream?” They said “Simon, 3rd place”. I could see my mum going crazy in the crowd; she couldn’t believe it, neither could I. Last year I came 5th and now here I am taking 3rd place and a huge trophy. So who knows, next time it might be 1st place I’m walking away with.”

When asked about whether having a learning disability hampered his performance in any way Simon said: “For an Asperger’s and Glaucoma sufferer to come to a major show, compete in the main event and come away with this kind of accolade tells you all you need to know. I’ve proved if you really want something, it doesn’t matter who you are or if you have a disability, you can do it.”

These inspiring words and his even more inspiring trophy show that exercise is something within all of our grasps. Of course we may not all reach the heady heights of Simon, but we can all find our own level of fitness to aspire to.

Health and Fitness

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