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Google Technology

14th November 2014

Google is currently investigating how new technology can help diagnose cancers, impending heart attacks or strokes and other diseases, at a much earlier stage than is currently possible.    


The technology combines disease-detecting nanoparticles, which would enter a patient's bloodstream via a swallowed pill, with a wrist-worn sensor.   


The idea is to identify slight changes in the person's biochemistry that could act as an early warning system.  The benefit is that if slight changes in a person’s bio chemostry can be monitored more regularly then diseases which affect organs such as the pancreas can be detected much earlier rather than at a late stage when they are terminal. 


The technolpgy works because the wrist band picks up sensors from the nanoparticles giving clinicians information from inside a person’s body without  any invasive treatment such as injections or even X-rays.


The concept is to monitor changes in the person’s body long before there are any changes.  The motive for doing this is to provide an early warning system to individuals so they can make lifetsyle changes.  So for example, if a wrist band worn by a person detects a nanoparticle that could cause heart attack the individual could be alert and reduce the amount of sugar, fat or salt they eat.  Similarly if a person is more at risk of developing cancer they could be alerted and changes to   how they lived their life.


The idea is to improve the quality of a person’s life which resonates with the ubu ethos of innovating to improve.  


As an innovative organisation ubu has  always adopted a broad minded approach to investigate  how new developments can better help the people we support. 


This research by Google has to be welcomed because if it is successful at detecting early onset cancers, stroke and heart problems that will help us and clinicians develop new and better ways of caring for the people we serve.


ubu  always encourages the people we serve to enjoy and live a healthy lifestyle but if there is a new weapon in the battle against life enhancing disease then we welcome any investigation into how it  can benefit the people we serve.

Google Technology

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