Katie's Diary

Give a penny, make them smile by Dorothy Jarvis-Lee

1st September 2015

It’s said

“See a penny pick it up, all the day you’ll have good luck”

We say

“Give a penny makes a smile, every time you’ll raise a pile”

It’s amazing how true these sayings are.

Just recently a number of us reached into our pockets for just one penny simply just because someone made us all smile so much.  It was amazing how this set off a wave of smiles and raised pounds for Macmillan cancer research.

This is how it worked, I simply asked someone to give me a penny, no more than a simple penny that was all. It was amazing that without any further explanation how this simple request was responded to by the person smiling and handing over a penny.

In only one week we have unintentionally yet infectiously generated an unbelievable number of smiles and raised pounds of pennies simply by asking everyone we meet to give us just one penny nothing more.

Join us in making peoples smiles create donations for Macmillan cancer research see how much you can raise.

Give a penny, make them smile by Dorothy Jarvis-Lee

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