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Gaining a Qualification

5th November 2013

Learning is an essential part of life. You will have no doubt heard people talk about how much they love their job, or their course, because they learn something new every day. Learning not only increases our knowledge and skillset, but also our confidence as we are able to tackle many more challenges than we previously thought possible.

A particularly great way to learn is by enrolling on a course, at the end of which you gain an accredited qualification. This is because once you have finished the course you will have some evidence to show you know certain things. This will then help in terms of finding a job; for example if you have a qualification in photography you may be able to get a role in a studio or at a newspaper.

People are always looking for qualified individuals to take on roles, whether voluntary or otherwise, as they know a qualified individual will need less coaching in their specialised field.

Many ubu customers have earned qualifications to enable them to do more in their home lives and as part of therapeutic roles. Read on to find out more.


“I am a very inquisitive, outgoing, people person who loves to be involved with everything that goes on where I live. I am also the kind of person who will never say no to trying new things, and will take on any new challenge with enthusiasm.

Recently the ubu support team were undergoing some first aid training. Not wanting to miss out on the opportunity I decided that I would like to participate in the session. I listened intently during the spoken presentation, but all the while I was eagerly awaiting the moment I could get involved in the ‘hands on’ bit! After all, everyone knows the practical part is always the best part.

The instructor brought out a dummy and explained that we would each learn how to apply resuscitation techniques. Each person took their turn until finally I had to step up and show what I could do. I am happy to say I completed the task and the instructor even remarked on how well I had done. We went on to also learn about applying bandages, which I also managed to complete successfully.

At the end of the session I received a certificate to make official my newly learnt first aid abilities; this is the bit that made me most proud. I now have more awareness and will be able to help others should they ever need it.

Since the course I have become more involved in first aid matters around the house. I undertake weekly first aid checks and am supported to ensure that all of our supplies are in date and sufficient for our needs. If anything runs out I am now part of the team that goes to the pharmacy to replenish the stocks.

I am really enjoying these new tasks and love the feeling of responsibility I have in terms of the wellbeing of those around me.”

Both of these stories show the value of taking on a qualification. Not only can they gain us the skills necessary to improve our own lives, but they can also enable us to enrich, support or even (in Darren’s case) save other people’s lives.

So why wait? If you feel that gaining a qualification could make a big difference to your life then get in touch with your local college or learning facilities to find out what is on offer.

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Our first story comes from two friends with a passion to learn and do more:

“Tom and Richard have known each other for a long time. They have taken part in many activities together in the past and always enjoy a bit of healthy competition. They also share a love of good food and cooking.

This led them to enrolling on a cooking course, at which they both showed such focus and determination that they passed level 1 with flying colours. As a direct result of this they were both offered therapeutic roles at the same fast food chain (in neighbouring towns).

This gave them such a boost of confidence that they immediately signed on to a 12 week course which will give them their level 2 qualification.

They each love what their new qualifications have enabled them to achieve, and love being able to put on their chef uniforms to perform the roles that are perfectly suited to them. In a nutshell: From Happy Meals to happy days!”

This is a great result for Tom and Richard, as is the story on the next page, which comes  from Darren in the North West:

Gaining a Qualification

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