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19th July 2013

When it comes to what we wear, we all have very particular tastes. Mark Twain once said “the clothes make the man” and as the world has become ever more fashion conscious this saying has become very poignant.

That’s not to say that what we wear literally displays who we are inside – clothes couldn’t do that. But as humans we tend to wear items that relate to something we like, are interested in or show a certain side of our personality.

For example if you were to see a group of heavy metal fans riding motorcycles, you would no doubt see them adorned in leather or denim as this reflects the image that is conjured by the music and lifestyle of which they are a part. In the same way, if you saw a politician or business man you would expect to see them in a suit and tie.

Dive down to the next level to read more about how our clothes have importance and meaning to us.


“When it comes to my clothes I am very picky. I have a specific taste in what to wear and therefore find it difficult to find new dresses that I am happy with. ubu have supported me to go on various shopping trips, as have my sisters, but I always end up refusing to buy anything.

The problem is that my current wardrobe is starting to look a bit shabby and worn. When I go out into the community I feel like people are staring at me, or making comments about it looking like I am not being properly looked after, which is simply not true.

As I suffer from anxiety and depression this does nothing for my self-esteem.

In December I thought I’d had a breakthrough as on one particular shopping trip, after trying on lots of different dresses, I actually bought one! Hoorah!

But that was before Christmas and I still haven't worn it. I was still wearing my old dresses.

So I again spoke to ubu and together we wracked our brains to come up with another idea. This new plan came in the form of dress maker. I was asked if I would like to arrange a meeting with a lady who designs and makes her own clothes, and I said definitely yes!

Denise (the dressmaker) came to my house to meet me. She was very friendly and chatted to me asking me what styles, colours and patterns I like. She measured me and discussed the length of the dress and sleeves with me so it would be just right.

Denise then made a pattern called a toile and brought me some fabric samples to choose from; I liked them all! So I will soon have six new dresses in different colours rather than just two grey and two red ones I currently wear.

Denise has told me I can choose other types of materials so I can have summer and winter dresses and lots of different patterns.

I am so excited! A new wardrobe means a new me; stylish, smart and much more self-confident!”

Nancy’s great story shows that clothes really are important to us, and that when we look our best we feel great. If you have any fashion related stories then please email emmap@ubu.me.uk


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Whilst some people choose to use what they wear to make a statement, for many of us choosing our style is something very personal. We want to feel comfortable and we want to look nice, whether we are casually dressed, or wearing formal clothes for a special occasion like a wedding or party.

Sometimes putting on a certain item, or ensemble can make us feel nervous. If those around us are used to seeing us in a certain style of dress, it can be worrying to put something very different on. We wonder how they will react, will they like it and do we look ok? This shows how clothes can be a very important issue.

In this way our fashion choices mirror the big decisions in our lives. When taking on any new challenge or taking a risk there is always an element of how it will impact on those around us. That element of acceptance and also security is what drives a lot of our decision making process.

So just as we would with any decision we must learn to go with our instincts. It is sometimes difficult to get past the worry of what others will think, but in the end if we are making a choice that comes from our heart it will always be right for us.

This may sound like a very deep examination of something as apparently surface oriented as fashion, but if we really think about it, our clothes can drive our mood, emotional state and the way we are treated by the community.

An example of the importance of clothes and the role they play in our confidence levels can be found by clicking down to the next level. Here we have a story from ubu customer Nancy, who found that her life improved thanks to her clothing choices.

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