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Face Your Fears!

16th October 2015

It’s Overcome Your Fears Week … we all have them so you’re not on your own! Spiders are popular, or rather unpopular, leaving many of us screaming and cowering in a corner.  Maybe it’s horror movies that send that familiar chill down your spine, as we cower behind the sofa or hide behind a cushion.

For some crazy reason fear has a greater impact on our lives than the things we love in life.  We don’t talk for hours about how we love chocolate, or the smell of grass, embracing the chance to sit on the lawn or tuck into our favourite chocolate, instead we think of our fears and run away from them.

Well this week is about us all taking the leap of faith and taking control of our fears! The things we love make us feel warm and blessed inside, they fill us with happiness, joy and make our days enjoyable.  Here at ubu the people we serve have a naturally outgoing and happy disposition, but from time to time their lives are overwhelmed if they have to face a fear, just like us all, maybe it’s a dentist’s appointment, or they have to have an injection or they see a spider, let’s face it, our fears range from small to incredibly large fears.

All of these things are part and parcel of our lives on a daily basis and can have a totally negative impact if not tackled head on. It is difficult but the best way to overcome a fear is to face it!

Rather than avoiding the dentist and letting your teeth get so bad, if you have a problem why not ring them up and make an appointment.   When the dreaded day arrives, take a friend for moral support or make sure you have something to look forward to immediately after you come out. 

If you see a spider, don’t scream and run away.  Breathe deeply, imagine what it will really do to you, after all it’s more scared of you then you are of it.  At worst it will weave a beautiful web in the corner of your room that will remind you of fine lace.  Or better still, be like the spider’s web.  It is among the toughest fabrics in the world, you could be just as strong … don’t let it get the better of you!

Set yourself one fear to overcome and make it happen, face it head on and conquer that fear! You will emerge a stronger person and inspire others to take the challenge … be brave, have courage!   





Face Your Fears! Face Your Fears!

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