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End the Awkward

27th June 2014

ubu is a proud supporter of the End the Awkward campaign and has launched its own initiative to break down barriers to inclusion for disabled people.

Started by the disabled charity, Scope, to help end discrimination against disability, End the Awkward has some simple tips for helping people come to terms when faced with disablement on a daily basis.

The ubu initiative is unique in that it calls on disabled people to grasp the nettle themselves and take some control of how they are treated by other members of society.

Chief executive, Dorothy Jarvis Lee said that while ubu had made great strides to break down barriers for the people we serve, there was still a lot more that could be done and outlined some simple steps everyone could include in their daily lives.

“We should all look beyond the disability to see what the person can do rather than what they cannot do.  Assume nothing, if you don’t know or understand, ask in a very polite way to clarify the situation, then accept what the person says about themselves and finally remember that not all disabilities are glaringly obvious, some are hidden while others are minor,” she said.

“End the Awkward is a great campaign and we at ubu are delighted to support it, but we have always been committed to developing the people we serve as more independent individuals on a journey driven by them,” she said.

“There are a lot of assumptions out there, about disabled people that we need to get rid of.  For example that they don’t work.  That is patently wrong, many of the people we serve have carved out careers in fields such as horticulture and retail.

“Another myth is that they don’t have loving relationships, they are attracted to other people in the same way that we are.

”She said it was important that disabled people took every opportunity presented to demonstrate their capabilities in an assertive way that would help break down some barriers to inclusion. 

“Our uStep model encourages greater independence.  It puts people at the heart of their own care and support and helps them lessen their reliance on others which is good for society.  By doing that many of the people we support have been able to get jobs, take up education courses, live within their communities and make a contribution.

“End the Awkward campaign is based on communication which is a two way street.  Everyone has to express what they would like to achieve and the rest of us have to help them make it happen.   If we work as a team, then we will create a more equitable fairer society that is based on merit and where everyone makes a contribution.  That way we all benefit,” she added.

End the Awkward

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